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8 Best Vintage Watches Under 1000 Dollars in 2022 (reviewed)

Best Vintage Watches Under 1000

If you are someone who loves vintage watches but also wants to limit your budget, then vintage watches under 1000$ are best suited for you. These affordable and luxury vintage watches will help you get a great style statement. You should select the watch which will deliver you great performance at an affordable price. Most of the vintage watches come with great style and history. 

What exactly is a vintage watch?

Before buying a vintage model watch, it is always necessary to know what exactly vintage means. Never confused regarding antique watches and vintage watches. Vintage watches are considered to be around 20 years old. The vintage watches which are released today are made considering the concept of old watches.

Considering Vintage Watches

It is highly recommended that vintage watches should have a discerning eye and flexibility for its easy operation. Price is always an important aspect which is to be considered while opting for any kind of watch. You should always opt for branded vintage watches so that you can blindly trust the seller. In order to find the ideal watch of the vintage model suitable for your budget, it is recommended that you have some patience. 

You can always consider investing in vintage watches. If you want to stand out from the crowd without investing much in the watch, this article will do you good. Getting an affordable vintage watch is always a refreshing idea.

You can get the most prominent vintage message from all the luxurious watch brands. You can get into their finest collection without investing much of your money. The most sophisticated luxurious ultra performing watches can be obtained from the brands like seiko, casio,benyar etc.

You can get amazing design and excellent quality from these vintage watches even though these are priced under a thousand dollars. This means that you can always dial back your daily budget if you have got the desire to own a good vintage watch from a reputed brand. 

Make use of proper search from google and consider reviews from other customers so that the model selection of the vintage watch will be easier. Keep in mind all functionalities that you require in your vintage watch and then sort accordingly.

All of these factors depend on the fact of your likeness towards the vintage watch collection. There are always endless possibilities if you really love and want to own a vintage watch of great performance and quality. If you spend more time and energy in the search for a vintage watch, you can get a great watch for under $1000 which will never disappoint you.

There are always new listings coming in the market that adds up to the vintage watch collection from every renowned watch brand. You will never need to rush and buy the watch as you have plenty of options on how to choose the style, color as well as type of vintage watch.

Worth of Vintage Watch

If a newly purchased vintage type of watch is very much smooth in its functioning, then you can consider it as a value product. Remember to always buy the vintage watch from renowned brands like Seiko, Casio, etc only so that you can get the guarantee of reliability as well as the functionality of the watch. You can gain a small margin of profit even if you sell these vintage watches.

Reasons to Buy a Vintage Watch

Now let us look into some of the main reasons to buy a good and affordable vintage watch. Vintage watch models are increasing day by day due to their popularity and performance. Most of the customers love to get a vintage look thereby opting for the vintage watch. Not only the customers but also the brands are now focusing to create the vintage look to the watches. The trend of getting an oversized as well as a chunky watch is now out of question.

Traditional sizes of the original watch are back in fashion now and this is only because of the increase in love towards the vintage watch. It can be said that the next future watch is always a vintage watch according to the current trend in the watchmaking industry.

The vintage watches releasing today stand great in quality as well as performance. If you get a vintage look as well as a great performance, you would surely opt for the watch. The vintage watch models are now having high durability cases, great warranties, solid constructions, and also available in affordable price ranges. You can easily beat any competitive watch with the vintage watch if it comes from a renowned brand.

The history of the vintage watch is one of the main reasons that it has gained high prominence among the customers. It will be a great thing if you can strap a vintage watch on your wrist. These watches will have a great story to tell and have been a pride of someone else before as it is a vintage watch. Good design is always timeless and so the vintage watch.

Affordable price range is also a great thing why the vintage watches are considered to be most prominent and loved. Getting hold of a vintage watch at an affordable price range is always a good thing.

Vintage watches are also unique in nature and style. The value of the watch will be added when it is a vintage watch. If you do not buy a vintage watch, there occurs a great chance of missing it as it is unique. If you are a watch lover, then it is highly recommended to go for a vintage watch.

Usually, vintage watches are never affordable and this is the reason why it has been decided to come up with affordable luxury vintage watches that come under $1000 dollars. We explain to you the wide range of vintage watches from all the brands which will make you classy and cool. Let us look at some of the vintage watches that come below $1000 along with their features, pros, and cons. 

  1. Stauer Men’s Automatic Watch
Stauer Men's Automatic Watch

This is the men’s automatic watch from the brand Stauer which comes under the vintage collection. The watch has got a genuine black leather band. This is an automatic watch hence works with kinetic energy like the movement of the body. The case diameter of the watch is 39 mm. 


  • Attractive watch
  • Good quality leather strap
  • Good manual wind option 
  • Accurate timekeeping


  • Water-resistance capacity is low
  • Difficult to see numbers on the dial

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2. Casio Women’s Vintage Youth Chronograph

Casio Women's Vintage Youth Chronograph

This is a chronograph digital watch from the famous brand Casio which is a women’s vintage watch. This is a gold toned mesh type watch. The watch has got a resin glass as the base material


  • Adjustable buckle strap
  • Attractive watch
  • Hourly time signal
  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Automatic calendar


  • Watch is too small 

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3. Casio Men’s Vintage Calculator Watch

Casio Men's Vintage Calculator Watch

This is a men’s vintage calculator watch from Casio. The watch has got an 8 digit calculator with a second stopwatch. 


  • Dual time settings
  • Auto calender
  • Calculator watch with all the features
  • Water resistant


  • The screen has got a low contrast
  • The battery of the watch is of low quality

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4. Casio Men’s Classic Casual Watch

Casio Men's Classic Casual Watch

This is the all-new Casio men’s watch which is a casual type of watch. This is a watch having a day and date feature.


  • Sturdy watch
  • Light weight
  • Attractive watch


  • The band of the watch is not that comfortable to wear
  • The backlight of the watch only stays on when the button is pressed

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5. Casio Vintage Digital Dial Unisex Watch

Casio Vintage Digital Dial Unisex Watch

This is a unisex vintage digital dial watch from the Casio brand. This watch gives a retro look and is a stainless steel watch. The case diameter of the watch is 37 mm.


  • Easily adjustable band
  • Attractive watch
  • Lightweight


  • Gold color of the watch gets tarnished after some time

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6. Casio Women’s Vintage Alarm Digital Watch

Casio Women's Vintage Alarm Digital Watch

This is yet another vintage watch from Casio. This women’s digital watch has got the bezel material of resin watch. 


  • Watch has hourly time signal
  • LED backlight
  • Auto calendar
  • Accurate timekeeping


  • The clasp of the watch is not of good quality
  • Small watch
  • Not attractive to look at

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7. Classic Business Wrist Watch for Men

Classic Business Wrist Watch for Men

The watch from the brand Benyar is available in three different strap colors. This watch has got a silver dial and roman numbers. 


  • Attractive watch
  • Value for money
  • Luminous hands of the watch


  • Water resistance of the watch is only 30 m

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8. Seiko Men’s Automatic Casual Watch

Seiko Men's Automatic Casual Watch

This is a self-winding automatic watch from the brand Seiko which comes under the category of the casual watch. The case diameter of the watch is 39.5 mm.


  • Attractive watch
  • High quality leather strap


  • Water resistance up to 50 m only
  • Does not keep accurate timing
  • Self winding mode may not work

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These are all the most loved vintage watches that deliver luxury as well as are affordable. The pros and cons of each watch are carefully described taking the opinion of experts. See also is fossil a good watch brand?