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How Does A Self-winding Watch Work?

Before knowing the winding mechanism of a self-winding watch, you should know what self-winding is. Self-winding can be simply explained as the automatic movement that generates energy through the natural movement when a person ties the watch on his wrist. Hear the wearer need not worry to wind the watch daily, as whenever he ties the watch, it will undergo self-winding.

Lasting Of A Self-Winding Watch

Without wearing a self-winding watch it can last up to 40 to 50 hours. These are the findings of experts considering the movement of the watch. They say that when the watch is fully wound, it can last up to a maximum of 50 hours. When high-quality premium self-winding watches are considered, the self-winding capacity can go greater than days up to several weeks.

When You Should Wind The Watch

It is always recommended to wind the watch once a day for gaining its full performance. Whenever you feel a kind of resistance, stop winding the watch at a particular moment. There will be a basic two-day power reserve for any type of watch so it is a good habit to wind it before you strap it.

When it is an automatic watch, you should never do winding every day. Occasional winding can be done with these kinds of watches. You should never overwind a watch as this will decouple from the mainspring whenever it is fully wounded.

Working Of A Self-Winding Watch

A self-winding or an automatic watch is always considered the best form of watchmaking. This can be also considered as a mechanical watch that can wind itself – hence the name self-winding. Self-winding occurs as long as the watch is worn frequently. A spiral spring which is otherwise known as the mainspring makes the gear of the watch rotate. Energy is then created and then stored in this component which is the crown on the watch’s side. 

 This energy which is created due to rotation that comes from the mainspring gives power to the watch to self-wind. Always remember that this energy is not always permanently remaining with the watch. The mainspring should be wound again for generating more energy.

Some of the self-winding watches come with a higher rotor which is otherwise considered as an asymmetric wheel helping for the self-winding movement of a watch. The rotor will be in constant movement all the time as the person who is wearing the watch moves his hand frequently. As the rotor is linked to the mainspring through the gear or a network of gears, regular self-winding occurs.

Manual Winding Of Self Winding Watches

If you are a nonactive user of the watch such that you have a desk job and do not move that frequently, then self-winding of your watch may not occur. Then you should do the manual winding process in order to maintain the functionality of your watch and to keep the timepieces in great working condition.

You can turn the crown of the watch away from the case and do the manual winding. Now you will need to rotate the crown a few more times until it is fully turned. You can also use a watch winder for manually winding a self-winding watch. The watch winder is positioned on the watch with its deck. This is a device that operates with the help of batteries or even electricity. 

Servicing Aspects Of Self-Winding Watches

It is highly recommended to go for the servicing of self-winding watches once every 5 years in order to retain their functionality. The servicing of self-winding watches is done to make the watch always precise. Cleaning of the watch, modification of any kind, and the lubrication of the internal parts of the watch will be done when it is under service.

Damages Caused To Manual Watch On Winding

A manual watch will always have a sensitive mainspring and this is one of the greatest disadvantages of this watch. The mainspring is vulnerable whenever overwinding happens. This is not the case with a self-winding watch. A slipping spring is located at the end of every mainspring and it slips over the barrels inside the watch whenever the watch is wound. Thus whenever you choose an automatic watch, overwinding will not cause you a problem.

You can get more examples for the self-winding watches so that you will get the idea clear. The above mentioned three watches are the common self-winding watches available in the market today and are great in demand.

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver

Invicta Men's Pro Diver

This is a great self-winding watch for men from the famous watch brand Invicta. This is a diver watch having a case diameter of 40 mm. The watch has a black dial with luminous hands as well as hour markers. The weight of the watch is 155 gm. The watch has a mineral crystal and uni-directional black stainless steel bezel. The watch has a 3-year limited warranty. 

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Seiko Men’s SNK805

Seiko Men's SNK805

This is a great watch from Seiko brand which is a men’s self winding watch. The watch has luminous accents and a beautiful green dial. The strap length of the watch is 7 inch and the case diameter is 37 mm. This is an automatic watch as explained earlier with water resistance capacity of 30 m. 

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Invicta Men’s Pro Diver 40mm Steel and Gold Tone Stainless

Invicta Men's Pro Diver 40mm Steel and Gold Tone Stainless Steel

This is a self winding watch from the watch brand Invicta. This men’s watch has a coin edged bezel with a case diameter of 40 mm. The watch has a mineral crystal and the water resistance capacity of the watch is 200 m which is suitable for marine activities. 

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It is always better to go for automatic winding watches rather than manual for experiencing its full functionality and precision. Buying a self-winding watch will always be an excellent investment. Read more how-to-use-your-watch-as-a-compass/