How Tight Should A Watch Be?

How tight should a watch be

If you are a regular watch wearer or new watch wearer and want to know how tight should a watch be on your wrist, then you are in right place. It is a very common question among wristwatch lovers. Because some people wear them very tightly and some very loosely. It depends upon the type of watch size and also the thickness of your wrist.

In simple words, your watch should not be very tight or loose. It should fit your wrist. You might be thinking about how we can measure if our watch is very tight or very loose. The simple golden rule is that check your wrist. If your watch was too tight, you will see marks or imprints on your skin. It should not be the case. If you see these marks then you should avoid binding the strap tightly. It is also not good for blood circulation in the wrist. Also, if the strap is too tight, your wrist will get wet because of sweat. Especially, if the watch strap is made up of plastic or silicone rubber. In the next section, I will discuss the type of watch strap or band you should use.

On the other hand, if your watch is too loose then it will slide on your wrist and can be annoying for a working man. Some people like the watch with a big dial. Most of them bind big dial watch loosely. It depends upon the choice of an individual. If you are not wearing the watch during physical work or job, then you can tie the strap loose. Generally, On occasions, people wear the watch loose. But wearing a wristwatch too loose increases the chance of losing it. I have seen people losing their wristwatch on the occasions. If your wristwatch is too expansive then you should avoid wearing it loose.

For women, the dial of watches is always small. Because small dial watches look like jewelry. I have never seen any girl wearing a watch too loose. Girls also should not wear the watch too tight. Because women’s skin is more sensitive than men and therefore there are more chances of getting watch marks on your skin.

Points to remember


Comfort should be your number one priority. It does not matter if your watch is loose or tight. You should be comfortable with that. Because comfort gives you confidence. Otherwise, your focus will always be on your wrist.

Easy to use

The watch is a tool and it does not make sense if you have problem in checking time. The watch should be in the position where you can check the time easily. At single glance, you should be able to read the time.

Overall personality

You should take the help of your friend or family member. Ask them how the watch looks on your wrist. If you are skinny, you should not wear it loosely. It will not look good. A fit man can wear it loosely. That is why I am suggesting to take suggestions from your friends.

Pencil rule

If you are not sure if your watch is properly fit or not, then you can use pencil rule. Try to put the pencil between the strap and wrist. The pencil should be able to slide a little bit. The pencil should be properly fit between wrist and strap. You can also use your last small finger. This method will make sure that your watch is not sliding on your wrist.

What type of watch strap should you use?

For hairy People

There is no clear cut rule for that. The watch straps are available in dozens of categories. One thing you should focus on is the type of wrist. Some men have too many hairs on the wrist. In this case, you should avoid the bracelet type strap. Generally, these are made up of stainless steel. Many watches also come with a Titanium band. These straps can feel like a plucker. You should avoid wearing these types of watches. For hairy people, the leather strap is more comfortable. The other useful and comfortable material for hairy people is nylon and silicone rubber. These two types of material are very comfortable for any type of person.

For Sweaty Skin

If you get a lot of sweating then you should use a strap with some holes. Because holes will allow the air to pass and also reduces the chance of getting imprints or marks of the watch on your skin. The leather strap is not good for sweaty skin. You can use any silicone rubber band. I have found this one on Amazon.

On which hand you should wear wristwatch?

You should wear a watch on your non-dominant hand. Because it is really hard to focus on your work by having a watch on your dominant hand. If you are a painter or any type of mechanic then you should wear the watch opposite your dominant hand.

In which position should be a watch?

Some people wear watches upside-down. There are a number of reasons for that. Most of the working persons like soldiers, painters, mechanics wear it in an inverted position. Because it is easy for them to check the time. I have covered this topic in detail. Read Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down?


In this article, I covered all the main points for how tight a wristwatch should be. Watches enhance your personality and should be wear in the right way. Wearing the watch too tightly or loosely will not affect the performance of the watch. But a properly fit watch will give you confidence. Although, it is the individual choice. But most of the watch wearers do not know the right way of wearing it. If you still have doubts and want to visualize this article in a video, then you can watch the video below which I found on youtube.

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