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How To Measure Your Watch Band? 4 Easy Ways


How to measure your watch band 

It is important to select the correct size for your watch as it is important to select the correct watch brand and type. It is very much mandatory to find the perfect size for the watch. Then only you could use it as a style statement. A watch should neither be loose nor too tight. You should have the correct wrist measurement to select the suitable small, medium, or large-sized watch for you.

How to measure for a watch band

There are many ways to consider in measuring the watch band which looks perfect on you. One of the primary concerns is to measure wrist circumference. If your wrist measurement comes in between 14 cm to 18 cm you can easily go for a stylish watch having a band diameter of 38 mm, 40 mm, or even 42 mm. You should use the larger case for the watch if your wrist size comes more than 18cm.

Finding the exact Strap Size

As mentioned above, it is very much essential to find the correct band size for the watch. There are some easy steps which when followed can give you, your correct brand size. Let us discuss some of the three easy steps which can be used to determine the watch strap size.

The first step is to use a standard ruler which has a centimetre scale. It is recommended to measure in centimetres. You should never make it to inches as there will never be an accurate conversion. The centimetres can be easily converted into millimetres which is not possible with the inches. This is the reason why a centimetre scale is recommended.

The second step is to measure the space between the watch lugs. This will also give you the exact strap size that you need.

The third step can be done whenever you get the value in centimeters scale. You can move the decimal point to the right to one place to get the exact measurement converted to millimeters. Then you will get the strap size. For example, if it is 2 cm, you will get a value equivalent to 20mm.

It is always wise to remember that the standard measurement of the watch band size is in mm. The two pieces watch bands are measured by considering the width of the strap of the watch which is attached to the watch.

Determining Strap Width of The Watch

You can always check your old strap length of the watch. Just check the inside part of your current watch strap so that you can see the correct size described sometimes. If you get the correct size then you can purchase the same sized watch for the next time. If you want to measure, then as described before measuring the distance between the watch lugs on a millimeter scale. It is better to measure like this than measuring the actual strap length to get accurate measurements.

Determining Strap Length Of the Watch

If you are considering the average sizes wrist, you can purchase a watch that has a standard length strap. This will never be extra long or extra short and will satisfy your purpose. If it is a large-sized wrist, you will need an extra-long strap and if it is a small-sized wrist, you will need an extra short strap.

You will get a great disappointment when you buy the wrong size of the watch so it is very much important to have the watch of your size. For determining the strap length you will need to measure first your old strap of the watch and then your wrist. In order to measure the old strap of the watch, make sure that you measure both straps together in millimeter count. If you want to measure the strap length separately, then also you can choose the method.

You will need to add both the lengths in order to get the total strap length of the watch. Always remember not to include the buckle of the watch with the strap length. If you add the buckle, you will get the wrong value for the total strap length of the watch.

Whenever your strap length is suitable for you, it is wise enough to purchase a watch having the same or similar length for the perfect fit. Strap lengths are always measured without the buckle so whenever you select the watch, remember never to count the buckle.

Using A Ruler Or a Tape

Now you can measure your circumference by using a tape. The length around the wrist is considered to get the actual value of the band size of a watch. You can also use a printable ruler instead of tape. Always remember the width of the watch case whenever you use this method of measuring your wrist. The two-piece straps can be adjusted into a smaller size whenever the strap is buckled up.

This method can be practiced whenever the length of the watch becomes longer than needed – as you can adjust it with the buckle. You can always go for the conversion charts if you do not have a printable ruler or any kind of measuring device to give you the millimeter settings. 

Digital Caliper Method

The digital caliper method can be considered as the most accurate method rather than the printable ruler or the measuring tape in order to measure the watch band size. In order to start with this method, you will need to place the caliper into the space between the lugs of the watch and expand them in order to get the exact size of the band of the watch. 

Rule of thumb is used here. This rule always says that it is better the watch be tight rather than it becomes loose. This rule is directly related to the rounding principle. Measurement can be rounded enough to get closer to the accurate value of the watch band size.

Measuring band length – leather, nylon, and rubber strap watches

You can consider these methods for a leather band strap watch, nylon watch, or even for a rubber strap watch. Method one can be done using the existing leather watch strap. If you already have an existing leather strap watch, you can easily measure it with the ruler to determine the length of the watch strap. Never include the bucket and measure. Only include the leather parts of the watch. 

The second method is to find the length of the watch band from the scratch itself. By using a simple tape, you will need to measure the wrist circumference. You can even use a piece of string if you do not have the tape with you. Now you will need to mark where the two ends meet. Then just play the tape or the string flat on the surface and find the exact measurement, that is just measure the distance between the two ends. Now you will need to find your watch head size. 

Average men’s watch will have a watch head size of 1 to 1.5 inches. Never consider any kind of false measurement and therefore it is recommended to know the measurement that you exactly need. You can check with the manufacturer to get additional information regarding this. The next step involved in this process is to minus your watch head from the wrist size measurement which you have already found out. This is done in order to get the total strap length of the watch.

Measuring band length – metal watch band length

To measure the band size of a metal watch band, there are some methods to be followed. The first method tells you to determine the length of the trash if you have the metal watch with you. You can use a ruler for this purpose.

The second method is just the same as that with the leather strap watch. You can implement the same method for the metal watch. Before implementing any of these methods, always know that all the watch straps are not manufactured in every length that the customer prefers. Most of the metal watches are considered to be adjustable so that you can easily choose the size which exactly suits you the best. If the size never suits you, you can go for the rounding option which was explained above.

Points to Consider

As in everywhere, the general rule is considered that the wrist size of 6 inches always goes best with the 38-millimeter case diameter of the watch. If the wrist size is 6 and a half inches, then the case diameter of the watch can go up to 40 mm. A similar kind of increments can be done in the watch band size. This matter is not just only for the men but for the women as well. Usually, the wrist sizes of men range from 8 inches and women’s wrist sizes range from 6 inches.

Always remember that the length of your watch band should be almost within the range of half-inch of the total wrist circumference. The circumference greatly depends upon the diameter of the watch case and the thickness of the watch case. The total watch is never considered in finding the length, we are only considering the length of the wrist band of the watch. Whenever you buy any fashion or branded watch from the online store, it is highly recommended to double-check your measurement so that you get the accurate choice for your requirement.

A great step in buying a watch is to find the perfect watch size for you. You can adjust the length of the watch but never the width. Always take extra time whenever you want to buy a watch suitable according to your fit. You can even take the opinion of an expert in this.

Case Diameter As A Factor

Case diameter is always a serious factor that should be considered. This is usually opted out by the customers. Watches come in different case diameters in various brands and colors. Both ladies as well as men’s version watches come in various case diameter sizes. You should consider whether you need a smaller or a larger case diameter watch for you which will better fit your wrist.

You will even get many guides and tutorials on youtube which will help you to measure the exact wrist circumference so that you get a good watch that is never tight nor too loose. Case diameter size of the watch will also be discussed in the videos. It is necessary to know the band size before actually choosing a watch.

Things to keep in mind while measuring the wrist circumference

  • Your wrist will be a bit larger by the end of the day because of the water retainment factor. This is a scientifically proven fact
  • When both of your hands and palm are open, your wrist will be a bit larger. This is due to the adjustment of your wrist bone
  • You should always consider your preference where you will need to tie your watch.
  • You should measure that section accordingly. Usually, the measurements are taken in the middle and on the bone. You can take measurement above the bone, on the bone, or below the bone. Finalize the measurement section and then opt for your watch.
  • You should also consider which type of band you prefer to be worn. This can be a metal strap, a leather strap, a rubber strap, or any other type. You can choose from any variety of styles. This can also be a bracelet type.

After understanding all these facts and techniques, it will be very much easier for you to choose the perfect watch band size.


Watchbands are always measured on the scale of millimeters. The easiest method to determine the size of the watchband is to check the stampings which are present on the backside of the watch. This will clearly indicate the size of the watchband. Read also What Hand Does Your Watch Go On? and How Tight Should A Watch Be?