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How To Remove Condensation From Watch in 7 Easy Ways


If you are a watch lover then you will definitely take care of each and every part of it. If you see tiny droplets on the dial, you will get more panicked. The first thing you will ever search on the internet will be how to remove moisture from the watch. Be it any type of watch of any brand, there are certain basic points to be followed in order to keep your watch away from the problems caused due to this water content. This will not only make your watch problem free but also more durable. 

Before knowing about the solutions of how to remove condensation from the watch, it is necessary to know what exactly is condensation and how it affects the watch. Condensation is one of the main problems affected in watches and it should be seriously considered and taken care of. Condensation makes a watch foggy in its nature. It will be also difficult to view the dial of the watch as it will be completely condensed. 

Condensation is one of the main factors which will lead to watch damages. This damage might be permanent, and if you do not implement a good timely solution for this, you may lose the good performance of the watch.

This can be from many sources. It is important to find out the exact source and then find out the solution for a particular situation. A permanent solution to this problem is always appreciated as it should never happen again to your watch. Let us look at some of the important sources of this problem. 

Causes of Condensation In Watches

Moisture contents in watches occur mainly in the winter seasons. As the humidity in the atmosphere will be high in this climatic condition, there are heavy chances that your watches get affected by high moisture. This may develop droplets on the face of the watch. Condensation can also be formed when a water-resistant watch is made to remain underwater for a long period of time. 

There are many watches available in the market which have a water-resistant feature of 100m, 50m, 30m, and so on. Even if they are water-resistant they can only be used in the condition of recreational swimming. If you are into the water sport or have a craze for water diving, then these watches will not be that perfect for you to resist the complete water intake. This may create small droplets around the surface of the dial. 

Non-water-resistant watches can also create problems in fact a greater issue when dropped into the water body. Even if the water body is shallow, if the watch is completely non-resistant to water, then condensation is said to happen. You should be very quick to heal this problem. If the solution is not timely made, then this will even make the watch stop working. Therefore it is always advisable to go for watches that have great water resistance as you can reduce the problem of condensation to a great extent. 

If you have a wear and tear to the dial of the watch or any kind of crack ( even if it is very slight), there are heavy chances that the moisture from the atmosphere can get into the watch and make it appear foggy. Also if the water-resistant seal has worn out, condensation can happen.

One of the major issues of which the condensation happens is because of the low quality of the watch. If the watch is not from a good brand, or if you have bought the watch from a local vendor under a heavy discount, then the watch may not have good quality. Moisture content can easily get into the watch in this case.

It is always recommended to check each and every corner of the walls and its building materials before making a purchase so that the problem of condensation can be avoided to some extent. There are cases of condensation even if the watches are of premium quality – for this, the customer can follow certain tips and tricks so that the watch will remain away from moisture.

Removing Condensation From Watch

Every watch lover must know certain tips and tricks which when followed will reduce the condensation in watches. These are simple methods which can be practiced by anyone. Just read all of these methods and consider one that will be best suited for you. Try any one of them according to your convenience and in no time, your watch will be more than perfect.

A Rice Bed

This will feel like a joke, but try to remove your phone in a rice bed when it is affected by moisture. Rice bed is actually a bowl full of rice. Rice has the capability to absorb moisture content and make your watch free from any kind of condensation.

It is always recommended to remove the crown of the watch before you place it on the rice bed. Which will be easier for the absorption process to happen. If you place your watch in this method for overnight or longer, you will get a great result. 

You can even use Silica Gel to absorb the moisture from the watch. If the gel sachets are available to you, then you can replace it with the rice and create a bed of it to make it fit for the absorption process.


Exposing your watch to direct sunlight is always good when it is affected by moisture. This will make the small water droplets evaporate easily. For this first, you will need to wipe the outside glass of the watch with a neat cloth. This is done in order to remove any excess liquid which may stick onto the glass. Make the face and the crystal of the watch lie upwards in the direction of sunlight. You can choose any location which is favorable for this condition to happen – either your garden area or indoors. Make sure you are getting adequate sunlight to absorb all the fogginess of the watch.

Optional Heat Source 

If direct sunlight is not available to you or if you are experiencing winter, then you will need an additional source of heat to do this process of absorption. The same method will be continued and the heat source can be used instead of sunlight. Always make sure that only an adequate amount of heat is supplied to the watch. Never go increasing the heat level beyond a limit. If this happens, this may result in breakage of glass. 

A hairdryer can be used for this purpose. Just remove the backside of your watch and place it on a towel. You can adjust the heat levels and make sure only a low level of heat is received by the watch just to remove the condensation. Never concentrate on a single point, apply the heat to all areas of the watch face.

Using Cat Litter

If you have a cat, then you can place the watch in a bowl of cat litter. This has a great absorption property and will help you to reduce the condensation in your watch.

Using A Fan

Airflow can also reduce the moisture content in a watch. Allow an adequate amount of air to get into the watch for a few days continuously. This will actually bring out the moisture content from the watch and make it work perfectly.

Electronics As Heat Source

If you do not have sunlight or a direct heat source that can be applied on the watch to reduce its moisture, then there is a simple trick for this. Take a clean cloth and wrap the watch in it. If you have any cable box or satellite box place this cloth on the top of it. These boxes will emit a particular amount of heat which can be used as an external heat source by the watch. You can use any kind of electronics which will help you for this purpose.

Taking To The Service Team

If none of the above methods were successful in removing the moisture content from your watch, then it is highly recommended to make it serviced by an expert. You can take it to the brand service center or even to the authorized store. If you have the warranty period left, you will get it service or replaced at no extra charges. There will be professionals who will help you to avoid this problem and make your watch work as new. Always remember to go for this solution only if no other solutions work for you.

There are also many other methods to remove the condensation in watches but the above-cited methods are more simple and effective in its nature. 

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So this is how to remove moisture from watch. You will never need to throw away your watches when it is affected by moisture content if you can practice any of these methods. You will get great results when you follow any one of them.

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