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Best 15 Men’s Black Watches With Black Faces – 2022 (Review)

Best 15 Mens Black Watches With Black Faces

Black is always a great color to choose from. When it is a shade for a fashion accessory, then it is a great color to go with. Watches that are black in color look classy as well as standard. Brands, mechanism as well as material – all of these unite in only one factor which is color. You will find here the basic standard watch, the cheap black watches which will come in your budget to the luxurious watch of black in color.

Wristwatches are considered to define a men’s character. When it is the black stainless steel watch men’s collection product, then it has got high demand. You will get a great collection online. Just search for stainless steel watch on Amazon and you will be amazed at the results. 

About the Color Black Used In Watches

In early times black was not considered a trendy color and was not used in watches and other fashion accessories. In this fashion era, the color black has got a prominent role to use as the main color combination with watches. If you are a professional or need a simple watch to complement your personality and style whatever it is, black is always good to go for. Black is used as a single color element and also with other combinations. Here we are explaining about pure black watches.

Not only black is considered always in fashion but also it is considered a classic color. Black complements the personality of men and adds a trend to his attire. Black always commands respect and is very much stealthy giving a masculine feel. If you like to get a rigid as well as a masculine feel, then you should definitely have a pure black watch in your collection. Black will match with every outfit that you put on and will give you a cool and amazing look. It is always a famous trendsetting color.

There was a time where if a person needs a wristwatch then he should settle for the color of gold or silver. There were no other color options as of now. With the black color gaining importance in wristwatches, the trend-setting choices of gold watches and silver watches were long gone. 

If you are an indoor person, then you will get a black watch satisfying your needs. If you are an outdoor person- if you love traveling and are adventurous, then there are specially designed outdoor watches for you made in pure black with many features including GPS tracking and compass. Also if you are a professional and always dress up formally in a suit, then the black watches will add more to your personality. You can style these black watches in any way you want as this completely depends upon you and your taste. You will only need to take care in selecting one according to your personality and budget. 

Personality Connection With The Wrist Watch

A man wearing a wristwatch will certainly create positive vibes. It will complement not only his looks but also his personality. An elegant wristwatch with a big black dial with a ceramic bezel along with the crisp black hands is definitely an asset for you. Watches are now considered the most fashionable style statement between men and women. A man in a black suit with a great black watch wrapped around snuggly on his wrist brings out a great appeal. 

Sporting jewelry is not considered as serious as a wristwatch. Wristwatches are perfect for every man, rather than jewelry which is an option. Not only the personality will be complemented but also the men will achieve character earning respect when he wears such a great watch.

Timepieces are always considered as a social magnet rather than a trendsetter. We are discussing here stylish black watches for men. We have selected pure black watches with black dial from many renowned brands. If you are a watch lover and do love the color black, then this wide collection of wristwatches will definitely help you in getting one. The pros and cons of each watch are listed in the Amazon link to buy the product is also given. You can choose according to your preference and style among them.

Nixon Time Teller

Nixon Time Teller

A great, big, and simple watch from Nixon. This is from the time teller series of the brand. The band material type is stainless steel. The watch has a sleek three-hand movement feature and the case diameter is 37mm. This time-teller all-black watch will certainly add to your attitude and style. There are greatly applied indices as well as custom molded hands. The watch has a jewelry style bracelet band with a buckle type clasp of a sliding nature. The watch has an original Nixon design. The case thickness of the watch is 10 mm.


  •  great looking watch
  • Water-resistance is up to 100m
  • Simple and high concept design of the watch
  • Push-button folded clasp is used in the watch in order to improve its safety


  • Watch is not that scratch-resistant
  • With the black letters in the black dial, it is extremely difficult to read the time
  • Misalignment of the hour hand and the minute hand.

Fossil Men’s Machine Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

A great watch from the renowned brand Fossil. This is a great watch for masculine lovers as this watch is oversized as well as rugged. The band size of the watch is 24mm and the case diameter of the watch is 45mm which is big. The watch will have a big black dial with white markings. There will be a strap buckle present for the watch.


  • Great watch to look at
  • Great reliability and durability for the watch


  • Bulky watch
  • Water resistance of the watch is only up to 50m
  • The backlight of the watch is not that good
  • The silicone band used in the watch is bendable and fragile

Citizen Men’s ‘ Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch

This Stainless steel bracelet type of watch with a black face is from the renowned brand citizen. The operating temperature of the watch is from 10 to 60 degrees Celsius. The case diameter of the watch is 42mm. The bandwidth of the watch is 20mm.


  • Water resistant capacity of the watch is up to 100 mm
  • Great looking watch
  • Value for money


  • Requires a battery to work
  • The crystal of the watch is made of glass and is easily breakable
  • Buttons on the side do not have any physical feedback
  • A lot of noise made by links on the bracelet side of the watch
  • Paint is worn away between the links of the watch 

Citizen Men’s ‘ Quartz Watch

Citizen Men's ' Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch

This is yet another stainless watch from Citizen with the color black. The vase diameter of the watch is 40mm. The case thickness of the watch is 8mm. 


  • Watch is solar powered
  • Light-weight watch suitable for everyday use.


  • Water resistance of the watch is only 50 m
  • Watch face is small

Fossil Men’s Copeland Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Leather Strap

This is a great watch from Fossil. This stainless steel watch comes with a leather strap. The watch has a 3 hand movement and the vase diameter is 37mm. This is a jewelry-style bracelet watch. 


  • Water resistance of watch is 100 mm
  • Great looking watch 
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Not scratch resistant 
  • Clasp not that adjustable

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Denim Quartz Watch with Silicone Strap

This is a cool-looking watch from Tommy Hilfiger with a silicone strap. The watch has a beautiful black dial.  There is a multi-function dial associated with the thermoplastic case of the watch. The case diameter of the watch is 44mm. The case thickness of the watch is 10.6 mm. 


  • Simple and stylish watch
  • Value for money


  • Water resistance is only up to 30m
  • Hands are not luminous

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Black Ion-Plated Axiom Watch

This is a pure black watch with a black dial from Citizen. This is an ion-plated axiom watch. This has got an ultra-modern design which adds a cool look to the watch. The case diameter of the watch is 40mm.


  • Durable mineral crystal protects the dial 
  • Beautiful and elegant looking watch


  • Non luminous dial
  • Hands of the watch is of low quality 

Vincero Luxury Men’s Chrono S Wrist Watch

This is a great watch from the Vincero brand. This is a luxury watch having a great look. The watch has a leather band with a case diameter of 43mm. The band length is 22mm. Read the detailed review of the Vincero brand


  • Luxury watch
  • Scratch resistant
  • Water resistant 
  • Fully functioning chronograph


  • Clasp of the watch is not of good quality

Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

This is a great watch from Suunto. This is a military style watch of sport type. This is an outdoor watch and hence it has many functions in- build with the watch. 


  • There is an altimeter which can track your vertical movement
  • There is a barometer tells the air pressure as this is an outdoor watch
  • There is a compass which gives you exact direction whenever you are travelling
  • Weather and sun can be additionally tracked
  • There is a storm alarm available
  •  Sunrise and sunset times can be obtained
  • Great style provided for you 


  • Strap of watch is not of good quality

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

This is a smartwatch with a touchscreen feature from the brand Fossil. All the modern features can be obtained from this watch. The band size of the watch is 22mm and the case diameter is 44mm.


  • Battery will stand completely for 24 hours
  • Heart rate can be calculated
  • Activity tracking feature available
  • Built in GPS feature
  • All the smartwatch functions will be available here in the watch
  • Slim design of the watch 


  • Watch has a bad speaker
  • Not value for money 

Michael Kors Dylan Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

This is a luxurious watch with a 26mm band width. The case diameter of the watch is 45mm. The watch is made of stainless steel with a round big black dial. 


  • Scratch resistant glass of the watch
  • Water resistant up to 100 m


  • The black silicone band is very weak
  • Oversized watch

Skagen Men’s Ancher Stainless Steel and Mesh Quartz Watch

This stainless steel watch from Skagen is a mesh type watch which goes in trend with every style. The watch has a fold-over clasp closure. Read Skagen Brand review.


  • New and refined style of the watch
  • Goes with every style of dress
  • Beautiful watch


  • Black ring around the date is not of good quality
  • Loose minute hand making a sound

MVMT Men’s Minimalist Vintage Watch with Analog Date

The watch has a case thickness of 9 mm and a case diameter of 45 mm. There will be a black strap which is crafted with 100% leather. The black case of the watch is made from stainless steel. 


  • Pretty watch
  • Available for low price 


  • Water resistance of watch is only 30m 
  • Not luminous hand and dial therefore difficult to see in the dark
  • Defective strap

Armani Exchange Hampton Stainless Steel Watch

This watch is from the Armani exchange store and this is a stainless steel watch. This is a bold watch available in a wide variety of colors. The case diameter of the watch is 46mm. The watch has a three hand movement. 


  • Watch is scratch resistant 
  • Geometric case design of the watch
  • Inexpensive watch


  • Water resistant up to 50 m only
  • No luminous hands in the watch
  • Heavy watch

G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar

This is a g-shock watch which works on solar power. The watch has a case diameter of 46.4 mm. 


  • The watch has a backlight
  • There will be 4 daily alarms present in the watch
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Digital display


  • Not that comfortable to wear
  • Difficult to see the display 

Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes Watch

This watch is from the renowned brand Daniel Wellington. The watch has a classic brown leather band which adds to its look. The case diameter of the watch is 40 mm. The watch has a slim profile of 6mm. The leather strap has a width of 20mm.


  • Double plated stainless steel
  • Tang buckle available for the watch for easy fastening as well as release


  • Band of watch is not that good quality 
  • Bulky looking watch

All of these watches have their own pros and cons and are from renowned brands. You can choose any of them according to your specific need as well as budget. 


So these were men’s black watches with black faces. Fashion is not static as it changes with time and so does the preference for watches. Black is a color that is never out of the trendy world. Black watches with black faces are always loved. Choose anyone from the wide variety explained above and enjoy the features that it offers.