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The Christophe Claret Collection – Review 2022

Christophe Claret is one of the finest watchmakers in the world, operating from the Neuchatel Mountains in Switzerland since 1989.

His company has boutiques in Tokyo, New York, Paris, and Moscow, and produces luxury watches for all tastes. One collection is particularly striking: his gaming collection. It is a set of three ultra-luxury watches available only to those with a taste for the life of a high roller. They’re priced to fit on the wrists of those lucky enough to be frequenting the casinos of Monaco, and living the life depicted in films such as Casino Royale.

These three watches offer a gaming experience when worn, but not in a tacky, digital way. They’re exclusive, exceptional pieces of engineering. This is the Christophe Claret Gaming Collection.


The blackjack watch, like the others in the collection, is bespoke and made to order. It comes in several color combinations either 18c white or pink gold, platinum, and titanium. The case is nice, typical Claret, with four sapphire crystals. If you wish to play roulette whilst diving, it is water-resistant to 30m, too. On the reverse, one can enjoy a roulette game, whilst there is also a function for playing dice. The engineering is superb; the Blackjack game is depicted perfectly here, both in terms of the rules and the element of chance. That is incredibly difficult to get right in a mechanical creation.


The poker watch is based on the game of Texas Hold’em, and like the Blackjack watch, it perfectly depicts a hand of poker. It comes with a chance of all 98,000 or so hands, so all you need is a knowledge of poker hand rankings and a lot of money to buy the watch. It also exudes the luxury of the Blackjack watch and has incredible features that block out the other hands on the watch depending on the angle you’re playing from. Inside, this feat of engineering features 655 moving parts, running on jewels and ball bearings. There are also some neat features, such as automatic winding, but you do expect a degree of style and luxury for the price. Like the others, you’ll need around $200,000 to own one.


Named the Baccara, this final piece features the game made famous by the first Casino Royale, Baccarat. In the modern version, it was swapped out for poker, but it remains a popular casino game to this day. The cards are featured in apertures at six and twelve o’clock, framed in either rhodium or red gold, depending on your choice. The face is finished with a tasteful dragon motif, again in a range of colors. In Baccarat, there are 24,774 various game changes, all of which are possible with this timepiece. Under the hood, there are 538 moving components, 40 jewels, and six double sets of ceramic ball bearings. Like the Blackjack watch, you have a dice game incorporated and roulette on the reverse.


In terms of owning one of these magnificent watches, you might have to bide your time. You will need six figures, prices from $150,000 upwards have been quoted, and they were produced as a limited run. You might not even be able to wander into a Christophe Claret boutique and grab one from the shelf, such are their popularity. Owning one will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity out of the reach of many.

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