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14 Best Watches For 4 Year Olds, Trending in 2022 (Reviewed)

watches for 4 year olds

Watches are for everyone – irrespective of age. This is not only a tool for knowing the time but also accepted as a fashion statement. Watches are available in various trends, colors, and styles both for males and females. If you are looking for kids watch brands, these are also easily available.

 If it is a toddler, then you will need a waterproof watch as it is difficult to wear and remove the watch from the toddler every time he is on for his bath, while playing with water, etc. The specially designed toddler watch waterproof feature is widely accepted for the same purpose. If your toddler is interested in comic characters such as spiderman, then spiderman watch for toddlers are also available as per size. 

Spiderman is a fantasy for all the kids -especially small boys. The wide watch collection is available in the Amazon online store. You will only need to search for spiderman watch amazon and all the results will be displayed. If you are looking for a specially designed waterproof watch for boys, you will get a great collection of boys watches waterproof type. 

Best Children’s Watches

Watches are always a great choice for hyperactive kids. This is the main reason why these kinds of watches are trendy as well as waterproof. The watch will keep on running even if any water spills or splashes happen. Kids will not care about watches or anything that they will wear when they play. This is the actual reason why the watches were made waterproof.

These will be funky and cool looking watches with attractive colors. Special hero themed watches are also available which are waterproof – just like Spider-Man watches.

Not only regarding trends and fashion, but watches will also help the kids to learn about time and day planning. If these watches have additional features included in it, the kid will learn all about it. Some watches are even hi-tech just like a smartphone, so your kid will learn more than just telling time. Some of these watches even have activity tracking features which will be helpful to make the kid active and track his daily tasks. He can also become organized because of this.

If only the analog face of the watch is necessary, then you will get all the basic features needed in a watch. Always choose the watch that matches the age and the preference of your child rather than concentrating more on the brand. It is good to care for the brand, but be sure that you choose the watch which has got all the functionalities that your kid wants.

Mostly all the kids’ watches will be trendy and cool looking with attractive shades. Just by learning time, the hectic and long days can be managed properly as every kid is busy in his or her own schedule. Nowadays watch is also considered a tool of learning especially for kids.

Each kid has a different taste and different preference. All the prominent adult watch brands have contributed their 100% in delivering the best and cool looking watches for the kids. There are even certain new brands that have announced their arrival with the introduction to kids watch. Kids watches are available not in different colors but also in different budgets.

Children’s Watches For 4-Year-Olds

Watches are always an excellent gift for children starting from the age of 4 as this is the appropriate time in making the kid learn the time telling. At this age, the kids will be attracted to the functionality of the watch. 

When you buy your 4-year-old a wristwatch or surprise him with one on his birthday, he will love it for sure. It is obvious that he will take a great step towards independence and his first step to the world of adults. A wristwatch is always considered a great tool for the kid which will help him with his initial learning process.

For a 4-year-old, it is always better to go for a wristwatch which is waterproof, having bright colours with large dial and numbers, a super themed one and one with a small and adjustable strap. 

It is likely to change the preference of your kids. Here we are introducing the top wristwatch models which will be perfect for your 4-year-old along with their pros and cons. This may help you with your selection.


Best Mens Watches With Day And Date Display

VTech PAW Patrol Skye Learning Watch

VTech PAW Patrol Skye Learning Watch

This is a cool looking and interactive watch, especially for the 4-year-olds. This watch features Skye, PAW Patrol’s high-flying Cockapoo pilot pup, etc. It even has the real voice of the rider feature. There are four interactive learning games with the watch. The kid can recognize the pattern, identify the sound of various animals, and do many other similar tasks. This is a perfect tool for learning. The watch requires a battery to run all the functions. The watch is available in blue, red and pink color. 


  • The watch includes a timer, stopwatch, alarm apart from the clock
  • A cool looking trendy watch


  • There is no provision for turning off the sound. This will be difficult whenever the kids are at school
  • Once the watch is out of the demo mode, you can’t revert it back again 
  • Volume cannot be adjusted
  • Bulky watch

Potty Training Timer Watch with Flashing Lights and Music Tones

This is a trendy watch for 4-year-olds, especially for potty training purposes. Your kid will be reminded in certain intervals to go to the toilet or use the potty seat himself. There is a special looping timer for this. A programmable loop can be set up and the intervals can be kept according to your need – just like setting the alarm clock. The watch has a great working smart sensor with it.


  • Great watch for the children to make them train to go to the toilet alone
  • Water-resistant watch
  • Flashing lights and music are available in the watch to distract the children so they will go to the toilet if they are in between any game.
  • The rechargeable battery of the watch with the standby time of 3 days is an added advantage


  • The charging plug of the watch is not that water-resistant 
  • Watch is not that durable as some customers report the dial coming out from the soft rubber covering

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

This is a watch from Vtech specially designed for the 4-year-olds. This is a smartwatch. The watch is available in 5 colors. 


  • Availability of games
  • There is a camera so that the kids can take photos and have fun with filters
  • Cute looking smart watch
  • Band size is perfect for kids
  • Water resistant
  • Watch is secure
  • Stylish


  • As photo share feature is available, parents should take the utmost care in handling it
  • The micro USB cable can be only used for charging than any other adapter

Yehtta Kids Smart Watch For Toddler HD Dual Camera Watch

Yehtta Kids Smart Watch Toys for 3-8 Year Old Girls Toddler

This is a beautiful and smartwatch especially for the small girls out there. This Smartwatch consists of an HD camera so that your kid can have fun by taking photos and apply filters to it. This is a touch screen watch and the charging of the watch is done by the USB connector. 


  • Smartwatch with dual HD camera
  • Features like an alarm clock, calculator, calendar, clock answer, flashlight, etc
  • Cool and beautiful looking watch with an attractive choice of colors
  • Microphone available with the watch
  • Watch has an anti-addiction mode
  • Kids will have entertainment along with learning with the funny games available in the watch
  • Excellent battery life


  • Storage space of the watch is comparatively low compared with other smartwatches

Smart Watch for Kids, Kids Smartwatch with Games

Smart Watch for Kids, Kids Smartwatch with Games

Smartwatches for kids with a built-in selfie camera. This is a perfect gift for your kid on his 4th birthday. 


  • Easy to use a smartwatch
  • Variety of photo filters available in-built with the watch 
  • Colorful clock
  • Adjustable for small wrists
  • Attractive watch 


  • No texting feature available with the watch

Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

A great cool looking watch from the brand Timex meant for small boys. The watch has an attractive elastic fabric strap which will be comfortable for the small wrist. This is a simple but elegant watch. The watch has a case diameter of 28mm. 


  • Adjustable strap of 16 mm
  • Big dial and visible markings
  • Simple watch
  • Acrylic lens
  • Durable


  • Water resistance of the watch is only up to 30m – which is not suitable for swimming or diving purposes
  • Overpriced

Batman Kids’ Analog Watch with Silver-Tone Casing

This is a super -hero themed watch loved by the small boys. The watch has a yellow and black shade Batman logo on the dial which gives the watch a cool look. The case diameter of the watch is 33mm. 


  • Big dial of the watch
  • Official batman watch
  • Adjustable and easy to buckle strap


  • Scratches can occur in watch face
  • Not that durable 
  • Non-lasting battery

Venhoo Kids Watches 3D Cartoon Waterproof Alarm etc

This is a popular kids watch especially for the girls with alarm as well as stopwatch feature. 7 colorful LEDs are available in the watch which gives a cool and attractive look to it. The watch is available in different colors. 


  • Adjustable backlight colors
  • Big and bright dial
  • Water proof
  • Shockproof
  • Non toxic nature of the watch 


  • Difficult watch to learn
  • Construction of the watch is not that good

Smart Watch Phone ,1.5″ HD Touch Screen Gizmo Watch

Kids Waterproof Smart Watch Phon

This is an excellent smartwatch designed for the 4 year olds. This has a great 1.5″ touch screen display with a HD screen. There are many features included in the watch. The watch comes in different shades.


  • SOS camera
  • HD touch screen
  • Water resistant 
  • Flashlight
  • Alarm clock
  • Location tracker


  • Location tracker is never accurate

Dodosky Kids Watch, 3D Cartoon Waterproof Watch

This kids watch has a 3D cartoon theme with it which is a perfect gifting option. This waterproof watch comes in 15 different shades. The watch and the strap are comfortable to wear. 


  • Water resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • The battery of the watch has high power and always show precise timing 


  • Watch is not scratch resistant 
  • Strap of the watch is not that great quality 

Disney Kids’ W000038 Minnie Mouse Time Teacher Watch

If your kid loves Disney characters then this watch is just for him. This is a great watch with a pink leather band. 


  • Beautiful and simple looking watch
  • This is a great teaching watch


  • Too big watch for the age group 
  • Battery of the watch is not that good

Marvel Boys’ Quartz Watch with Plastic Strap

This is a beautiful looking watch for the boys with a comfortable watch strap. The case diameter is 39mm.


  • Superhero themed watch
  • Flashing LED lights


  • Not water resistant 


The above models are some of the best watches for 4 year olds. You can choose according to the liking of your kid understanding the pros and cons.