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What Hand Does Your Watch Go On? Practical Reasons

What Hand Does Your Watch Go On?

Today watches are not just a tool to check the time. Watches are like jewelry and they enhance your personality. Comfortable watches give you the confidence to present yourself. This is a very debatable question and can confuse anyone about what side to wear a watch? Is there any specific method or trend by using which you can find the right answer to this question? If you are a watch lover and want to know the proper answer to this question, then you are in right place. In this article, I will explain the factors on which you can decide on what hand does your watch goes on?


The simple golden rule for wearing a watch in the correct way is, wear the watch in a non-dominated hand. Because it will be easy for you to focus on daily simple tasks or jobs. Otherwise, our minds can get irritated can lead to poor performance. For example, if you are a student and you are writing an exam. Suppose you are a right-handed person. It will be a little bit hard to write the exam by having a watch on the same wrist (right).

Therefore it can affect your performance. Similarly, if you are a mechanic and painter then you should wear it in the non-dominated hand. Almost 90% of humans are right-handed. So watch designers make watches for most of the right-handed people. But we also have specific watches for left-handed people also. I will share some brands and watches later in this article.

Watch Type

You should have a look at the type of watch. Some watches need to wind manually. Some are like bracelets and can be put into the wrist very easily. But most of the straps come with a buckle, therefore it is easy to wind it with the dominant hand.

For Women

Girls wear jewelry or bracelets in their hands and therefore should wear the watch in an empty hand. Otherwise, your watch may get scratches and may lead to a loss. Also, it is annoying to check the time through bracelets. Most of the women wear the watch in the left hand. It is the reason why most of the manufacturers build watches for right-handed people. There are very limited options for left-handed girls. Therefore if possible, you should wear the watch on the left side. Otherwise, you have to compromise with the watch quality or look. You may not get a watch that matches your dress.

For Men

Most of the men are right-handed and therefore most of the watches are made for the left wrist. One question that you can ask me is that, how do I know the type of watch. For which hand it is made? The simple answer is, look at the crown side. The direction of the crown should be towards your fingers. Because it is to adjust the time, date on this side. The numbers should be towards you and crown towards fingers. I have found some watch models for left-handed persons. You can have a look at them and also see the crown position in these watches.

How tight should be a watch?

The strap of the watch should not be very tight and also not loose. It should be fit to your wrist. Too much tight watch is can stem the blood flow and too much loose will slide on your wrist. Also, a tight watch can leave imprints on your wrist skin. You can use your pinky finger to measure the tightness of the strap. The finger should be able to adjust between the strap and wrist. I have discussed this topic in detail. Click here to read how tight should be a watch?.


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Watches are like jewelry and therefore should be worn in the correct way. Everyone has a different choice and you can wear the watch in your own way. But at least you should know the correct way and trend. So in this article, I explained why and on which side you should tie the watch. So wear the watch according to your comfort. Although there is no strict rule, practical reasons suggest wearing it on the non-dominant side. If you find this article useful then share it with your friends. Please any query you can write in the comments.