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What Is A Bezel On A Watch? Types of Bezels

what is a bezel on a watch

The bezel is considered an important part of any watch. This is the top ring that surrounds the crystal of the watch. This can either be screwed, snapped on, or even winded by hands. Everyone loves the watch which is simple to operate but with multiple features. Experts say that with the help of a bezel, multi-functions can be easily added to the watch without creating any complications in the functioning.

Material Of Bezel

As it is already mentioned that the bezel is a ring that surrounds the crystal of the watch, this can be a ceramic holding scale. If it is a ceramic type bezel, you can count it for increased durability. Most of the bezels are made of stainless steel. If the bezel is made of aluminum, remember that this is done in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of the watch.

Interesting History Of Bezel

Simplicity is always encouraged and accepted and this was the reason why bezel was introduced to the watches. The 1930s welcomed the bezel considering a technical aspect on watches. The Rolex company launched a rotating bezel and it was fixed on all diving watches. Bezel with a scale was launched afterward by the brand Longines. When there was the necessity of military watches, the technicality of bezels was prioritized.

Types Of Bezels

Let’s explain some of the common types of bezels used in watches.

The plain bezel is a type of bezel that does not have any kind of number markings on them and is used to increase the look of the watch. These bezels do not have any actual functions.

Count up bezels have a scale ranging from 0 to 60 having minute interval lines. Once you have set it properly, you can easily read the elapsed time. When there is a reverse scale from 60 to 0, then it is a countdown bezel. 

If you want to measure speed based on time, then go for the tachymeter bezel. Telemetry bezel is used to measure the distance between the person and the location of the event. There are other bezels like compass bezel, pulsometer bezel, and GMT bezel.

Important Function Of Bezel

The important function of the bezel in a watch is to function as an elapsed time controller. The user can easily read the elapsed time of under one hour from a particular point whenever a rotating bezel is present in the watch.

In order to read the elapsed time, you will need to follow certain steps. Always make sure to align the zero mark of the moving bezel with the position of the minute hand of the watch before noting the time. Now you will need to read the scale just about the rotating bezel to which the minute hand points. This will give you the elapsed time.


A bezel can be simply considered as an effective tool that will help the user perform a number of tasks. He can easily time his dive, calculate the average speed of his vehicle, or do anything of such a type. Read also how-to-measure-your-watch-band/