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What Is A Kinetic Watch in Easy Language? Working of Kinetic watch

What Is A Kinetic Watch?

An automatic Quartz watch is a Kinetic watch that can generate kinetic energy for its working. This means that it contains a self-winding part called the rotor which actually generates electricity with the help of a quartz element.

This quartz component is usually a piezoelectric crystal. If you want high precision along with an energy-saving mechanism, then you will definitely love a kinetic watch. This is a great improvement from the Seiko watches brand. Because of its precision, this is widely popular among all watch lovers.

Working Of A Kinetic Watch

You might have studied in your previous classes that the energy produced through motion is the Kinetic energy. This is the actual working principle of the Kinetic watch. Whenever you move, turn your steering wheel of the car or do any activity, this will help to generate energy and thereby run the watch. The Kinetic watch has an oscillator weight and a rotating pendulum. The times of rotation of the pendulum is noted and then it is coupled to a small generator.

The generator charges a small storage device present in the watch. This storage device is the battery of the watch. The capacitor efficiently which acts here discharges the power slowly as the time progresses. This is actually the charging level of the battery of the Kinetic watch. Experts say that the battery of a fully charged Kinetic watch lasts from two weeks to around six months.

Durability Of The Kinetic Watch

It may create a lot of confusion when you go to buy a Kinetic watch as you will first need to study its working before using it. Speaking about the durability of the watch, this watch is durable just like all other watches but the functioning is a bit different.

The capacitor provided in the Kinetic watch has a high efficiency which has the capacity to charge and discharge frequently in its work cycles. Even if you go for the watch repair or do any replacement of the parts, you will never need to change the capacitor. This actually counts for the durability of the Kinetic watch.

Energy Storage Feature

We have already explained about the storage capacity of the Kinetic watch. You can use this watch upto six months without any second recharge. The sleep time is the time of inactivity of the Kinetic watch and this is after 24 hours. The capacitor calculates the current time and sets it when the watch comes into the active mode. You can also track and note the charge left on the watch and charge it accordingly. 

About The Manufacturer

The first form of kinetic watch was launched by the Japan firm Seiko in the year 1986. This was manufactured under the product name AGM. After 1991, Seiko fixed the name Kinetic watch. You will see a wide range of Kinetic watches available now in different colours and styles. These have conquered the market with its versatility. 

Best Kinetic Watches

Let us explain some of the main models of Kinetic watches and their advantages and disadvantages.

Video: How Does Kinetic Watch Works

Here is a video by Avg. Joe Watch Reviews which explains the working mechanism of the kinetic watch.

Seiko Men’s SRN047P1 Kinetic Blue Watch

Seiko Men's SRN047P1 Kinetic Blue Watch

This is an important Seiko Kinetic watch which has a stainless steel silver body as well as the strap. This watch has a blue dial which gives a royal look.

  • Water resistant capacity up to 100m
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Affordable


  • No manual winding available
  • Dial hands may not be properly seen in dark environments
  • Large and heavy than a compact Design
  • Dial glass is not that scratch resistant

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Seiko Kinetic Black Dial Watch (SKA781)

Seiko Kinetic Black Dial Mens Watch SKA781

If you need a great watch at a great price, then go for the Kinetic black dial watch SKA781 from Seiko. You will get a stainless steel dial with a black leather strap. Push and pull crown options are available with this watch.


  • Luminous dial helpful to see in dark environments
  • Scratch resistant
  • Great and simple design
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Minute scale in outer region of dial is white and hence not easily visible
  • Not easily windable

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Seiko SUN065 Special Edition PADI Kinetic GMT Diver Watch

Seiko SUN065 Special Edition PADI Kinetic GMT Diver Watch

If you want a special edition Kinetic watch from Seiko, then the SUN065 GMT Diver watch will be the best possible option for you. You will get a stainless steel case with a resin material strap. 

  • Water resistant up to 20 AT as this is specially designed for diving purpose
  • Push button deployment clasp availability
  • Magnetic resistance


  • Big and heavy – not that comfortable to wear if you are looking for a sleek design
  • Battery life issues are reported by some users

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So this was a long answer for what is a Kinetic watch. Kinetic watches do not require much more maintenance than any other watch as the working is purely based on the movement and its energy conversion. The capacitor is also of good quality which will help to charge the battery. If required you can just change the capacitor after 5+ years in order to ensure the performance of the watch.

A high-performance watch at an attractive price that too from the Seiko brand is worth considering. If you want luxurious apparel then you should definitely try the Seiko Kinetic watches. With your executive attire, this watch will suit perfectly. You will get a sleek date and day display which is different from all the other watches.

You can easily find one which will perfectly fit your lifestyle easily from the Seiko outlets or from the online shopping websites which are widely available. The watches from Seiko will never disappoint you. It is always recommended to read all the reviews and then choose the one that suits you the best. If you are still confuse, watch this video.