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Where Are Skagen Watches Made? Complete Brand Review

where are skagen watches made

Skagen Watches Review

Skagen watches are from an established watch brand called Skagen Designs Ltd. They are not just into watches but also into all the lifestyle elements including various handbags, trendy jewelry, and all kinds of fashion accessories that will match with the classy attire. They are also experts in manufacturing and exporting leather purses.

Meaning of Skagen

Skagen is attractive as well as a catchy word isn’t it? The watch got its name from a northernmost town situated in Denmark called Skagen. Skagen was also the famous fishing port of Denmark and an attractive tourist spot. The company said to have gotten its name from this tourist spot. The founders have explained that they have incorporated the pureness and the beauty of the place to this watch -hence the name of the watch. The logo of the watchmaking company is designed according to the two water bodies. 

Where are Skagen watches made

The watch is promoted as Skagen Denmark which creates confusion between the customers regarding the manufacturing country. The truth is that this watch is manufactured in the U.S having its headquarters in Hong Kong, Texas as well as Denmark. This is not a Danish watch branch. 

Know About The Skagen Brand 

The watch got its name Skagen Denmark because it was founded by a Denmark couple Henrik and Charlotte Jorst. This was inspired by the luxury Swiss watch. This was in the year 1989. The watch is known for its elegant nature. This had an attractive minimalist design. 

Skagen watches have 30 years of watchmaking experience in the fashion industry implementing the Danish design principles which are the top model. The brand claims to satisfy all the international standards of design and quality at an affordable price range so that every customer can get hold of the luxury lifestyle with the watch.

This brand was purchased by the Fossil Group in the year 2012. The watch is said to be more on the overpriced side by some of the customers but if you want luxury, then this can be put into the starting range of the luxury category

Design Of Skagen Watches

The design of Skagen watches is very excellent and minimalistic in nature. Even they are well known for their refined mode. The materials used for creating the cases are of high quality – they are titanium made. The lightweight nature of the Skagen watch is definitely an added advantage. The finishing of the watches is said to remain at an average level. Customers may love the 40mm dial case which is made of stainless steel. 

Skagen watches have considered both men and women equally and this is the reason why the brand has a wide variety of selections. The dial hands ( hour, minutes, and seconds) are usually golden plated which gives a classy look to the watch. 

The sub-dial have the habit of keeping day and week tracking and therefore at each 12 o’clock, this change happens. Also, the date will be mentioned by sub-dial at 6 o’clock. This feature is a pleasure for the eyes. The golden borders on the dials in some Skagen watches add to the royal look of the watch which is appreciated by some. 

The water-resistance feature of 50 m is definitely a highlight of the watch, so if you are more into diving and watersports, the watch will be a good asset for you. 

Some customers even say the crystals in the watches are so fragile. On a serious note, when the Fossil company bought the Skagen brand, the quality of the watch is said to have compromised. Some customers even reviewed that the markers on the dials have fallen off while working. Problems have been documented regarding the leather wristbands. But there are many advantages to this watch, which are still loved by the customers.

Is Skagen a good watch?

The Skagen watch earlier had offered a minimalistic design with great quality. When Fossil bought the band, there were many quality control issues reported. This brand was then passed on to Chinese manufacturers. Many customers say this watch will only serve for a particular period of time rather than a lifetime. It is certainly the individual choice to choose this watch or not.

Points to Consider

The Skagen watches are great in timekeeping because of their swiss movement. Also, they have a wide variety of watches in different styles for both men and women. The watch company has obtained many awards for its cool design and best style and are strong in their marketing wing. 

Hybrid smartwatches were also introduced by the brand which is completely smart so that any incoming emails and notifications can be easily accessed by the customer. These smartwatches have also introduced features like pulse meter, exercise analyzer, etc. New generations have accepted this technology widely. 

Warranty Of The Skagen Watch

Basically, the Skagen watches offer a 2-year international warranty irrespective of its type and model. Any defects for materials that occurred during manufacture can be replaced easily. The company claims to have a good service team with them but the issues like glass breakage, battery problems, etc will not be covered. So you can never say Skagen watches are perfect with their customer service features. If any kind of carelessness destroys the watch, the customer will have to deal with it alone. The company will not extend any kind of help for that.

It is also highly recommended to buy the Skagen watch directly from the brand store or from the authorized dealer rather than buying from the local vendor. You should also take care of the fact that in between the warranty period ( between 2 years) if a local service person services your watch, then the warranty period will completely get canceled. You can never claim any money or a new watch from the company. 

Skagen Duplicates

Also, remember that you should never be convinced by Skagen duplicates which are widely available with the local vendors. If you have made up your mind and want to purchase the Skagen watch, make sure it is original. For this, either buy from the brand store or from an authorized dealer. It is also recommended to buy from the Amazon Online Shopping website which has a wide variety of original Skagen watches at a discounted price. 

Buying Skagen Watches 

When you want to buy the Skagen watch, you better go through Amazon and read the reviews of the watches. You can easily research and decide among them. In addition, shopping with Amazon will never break your wallet as you will get greater discounts for a good Skagen watch. 

Here, some of the Skagen watches are introduced to you of which their pros and cons are explained. Hope this will be helpful for you. 

Skagen Watches Review Video

Skagen Men’s Sundby Titanium and Stainless Steel Mesh Casual Quartz Watch

Skagen Men's Sundby Titanium and Stainless Steel Mesh Casual Quartz Watch

This is a popular casual stylish watch of men from Skagen available in four colors. 


  • Three-hand date display
  • Stainless steel mesh band covers
  • 30m water resistance
  • Smart and good looking watch


  • Fragile- may not be able to resist even small blows
  • The leather strap is not that strong

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Skagen Touchscreen Smartwatch with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, etc

Skagen Connected Falster 2 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Heart Rate,

This comes under the smartwatch category of Skagen watches. Not only time, many activities like measuring heart rate, GPS,  notification management etc can all be done with the help of this watch.


  • Built-in Google Assistant and many more smart features
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Changeable watch bands


  • Complaints regarding operating system frequent crashes
  • No trendy look of a smartwatch
  • Overheating issues

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Skagen Men’s Ancher Stainless Steel and Mesh Quartz Watch

This is a stainless steel Skagen men’s watch with a mesh structure. 


  • Three-hand movement with date window
  • Quick-release pin design
  • 50 m water resistance


  • Decoloring issue of the leather band of the watch
  • Easy to get wear marks

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Skagen Women’s Freja Stainless Steel Mesh Dress Quartz Watch

Skagen Women's Freja Stainless Steel Mesh Dress Quartz Watch

Classy women’s watch from Skagen with mesh architecture. 


  • Water resistance up to 50 m
  • Elegant look
  • Sleek design – can easily read the time
  • Available in various colors


  • Mesh placement is not good
  • Easy to get wear and tear

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Even though the Skagen watches are used by all age groups – the design and type are more suited for the mid-20s and up. If you are looking for a watch to complement your professional nature and add luxury, then Skagen watches are surely a good try. Read about Vincero watches here.