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Who Makes Smael Watches? A Complete Guide (2022)

Who Makes Smael Watches

Are you crazy about sports? If you are into accessories, then you would definitely love a sports watch. Smael watches are one of the fastest-selling cheapest sports watches available online. Who makes smael watches? This is something that is to be explained. The simple answer to the question is smael watches are manufactured in China.

China has abundantly distributed these watches once the smael watches sale business has been expanded in Shanghai in the year 2011. They have also started an e-commerce business to reach watch sales to all parts of the world. Now in 2020, anyone who is a sports watch lover will recognize the brand Smael and know the answer to the question of who makes smael watches. 

About The Smael Brand

Do you want both fashion and affordability in sports watches? Then the smael watches will be a perfect choice for you. With the cost-effective feature and the improvement of technology incorporated into the product, the smael watches have conquered not only the Chinese but also the US markets. 

The word meaning of Smael actually defines “Superb Mark Of Excellence”. The smael brand establishes itself as an affordable and stylish choice of watches. They claim that they always used high-quality elements to manufacture the watch even though the pricing of smael watches comes on the affordable side. Along with high quality, after-sales service is also delivered by the manufacturer. This is the reason why the smael watches have turned out to be a big hit in the field of fashion watches. 

The smael watches have released many designs that are popular among sports watch lovers. Some of the main choices are explained below along with the pros and cons. 

Best Smael Watches For Men & Women

I have found some best watches by smael brand. I have included only three models here. The first two are for men and the third one is for women. But these are not limited to only three models. There are dozens of different waterproof and robust watches. For women, there are limited options in this brand. But for working women, these watches are best

Men Large Dial Digital Sport Watch Military Watch

Gain a Mediterranian look with the all-new and exclusive military digital sports watch with an LED waterproof backlight exclusively for men. With the large dials, it is not only easy to read but also more stylish. With the waterproof LED backlight, the dial is completely visible even in dark environments. This watch comes in various colors. 


  • High visibility feature due to big dial and additional LED backlight to support it
  • Waterproof and hence highly reliable ( can be worn in any humidity conditions)
  • Original Japan Quartz action with precise timings
  • Affordable
  • Stylish


  • It is not fit for hot water or in diving conditions as the waterproof nature has got some limitations
  • Does not have any compass function in it even though there is a needle
  • Too dark dial may not satisfy certain personal tastes
  • Side buttons make sounds

Richermall Men’s Sports Analog Quartz Watch Dual Display Waterproof Digital Watches

This is yet another popular watch from the smael store which has a military style suitable to use for all the sports and outdoor activities. This watch is an imported standard product with premium quality features. 


  • Water resistant and shock resistant in nature
  • Great watch for low price
  • Cool looking feature


  • The matte finish of the watch gives an unfinished look
  • Date is never displayed
  • Customers may feel too dark to see the numbers on the dial

SMAEL Women’s Sport Wrist Watch Quartz Dual Movement with Analog-Digital Display

Smael is not just manly, it has introduced many stylish watches fit for the stylish women out there. If you are into sports, you would definitely love the smael sports watch. This watch is available in black, rose gold, turquoise, and pink shades. 


  • Great watch for women which is simple and classy
  • Multifunctional features like an hourly chime, alarm, auto calendar, stopwatch, luminous dial hands, etc.
  • Soft rubber straps for getting that comfortable feel and does not hurt after long hours of use
  • Waterproof in nature
  • Not too bulky
  • Unbreakable even when dipped in chemicals


  • Backlight gets off quickly
  • The Analog part of the part sometimes lose its accuracy
  • The Stop-watch area is very small
  • The battery area of the watch is difficult to access whenever you need to go for a change

There are many other designs launched by smael watches apart from these three elegant sports watches. You will get almost all the features that you want in a good watch when you go for the smael watch. The watch is stylish, shock and water resistant, has good premium features and above all affordable. Smael watches are made of rubber-like materials which will help to extend its life and durability. There are even options to choose from the materials like resins, stainless steel etc apart from rubber. 

Customer Support Feature Of Smael Watches

A robust and trendy watch to look at is the smael watch. This works well in most environments but the 100% reliability factor cannot be guaranteed to these watches. If you have any kind of mission-critical tasks to accomplish then the mark given to the smael watches will be low. But the company assures that the customer will get a great performance for the money that he paid – that is the smael watches are a great return on investment product.

A great warranty and customer service is provided by the smael company. All watches need maintenance from time to time even if it is perfect, and smael customer support team takes utmost care in that. The company has a great technical team with them to do all the watch maintenance to make it more reliable as well as durable. 

You will get a complete six months guarantee when you choose any design and type of smael watch. Any part of the watch and any small to major defects will be corrected in this duration. The customer need not pay any extra charges for this. Also, the company claims to provide a complete refund to the customer if they cannot correct the fault on the watch which happened in the initial six months of purchase. 


In short, the smael watches are worth buying. These watches are solid and can be a good option to replace G-shock watches. In competition with G-Shock, this Chinese brand has launched S-Shock watches. These watches are also robust and can be helpful for construction workers. I have found this youtube video by Strober for a complete Smael watches review.