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Why Are Akribos Watches So Cheap? Akribos Watch Review in 2022

why are akribos watches so cheap

About The Akribos Watches

If you need imaginative, innovative, and above all incredible watches, then it will be the right choice to go for Akribos watches. If you need a great performance watch at an affordable cost, then you should go for the Akribos watch. Why are the Akribos watches so cheap? You might be wondering regarding this question. The Akribos watch models always concentrate more on price than its quality. This type of watch is greatly accepted by customers worldwide due to its cost-effective feature. It can be definitely cited as an upper-level entry timepiece at a low cost. You will never need to break your bank balance when you go to build a fashion statement with the Akribos watch.

More About The Akribos Brand

As the Abribos watches are cheap, this does not mean that it is of very low quality. This brand was established 10 years ago and is still an acceptable choice among customers. If you want a classy look with the sleek feature then you can opt for this watch. You will get a combination of both modern and traditional flavors in the Akribos watches. But you can never say you will get all the premium-level features with this brand. 

Funny, trendy, and sparkling watches are the contributions of the Akribos brand. This watch has already collaborated with the famous brand Swarovski. There are many standing watch models that have conquered the fashion market. World-renowned crystals are used for the functioning of the watch, making this a clear winner in affordability as well as style. The headquarters of Akribos watch is situated in Brooklyn New York. They have many branch offices around the globe. They are always available for any assistance.

Are Akribos Watches Worthy Enough?

We will now discuss the goodness of the Akribos watches. You will get the exact quality or even more for what you have paid when you go for these kinds of watches. But there are certain complaints that are noted for Akribos watches. One of the most common complaints is that this watch wears out easily – that it is not that long-lasting. Certain customers have complaints regarding the quality of materials which are used in the watch. This may affect the precision of the timepiece. 

When it comes to customer reviews, you will not get strong reviews like other watches. This may actually mean that the watch is of average quality and will not come to the level of a premium one. The highlight is that you are only spending a low amount for this and you are actually gaining more quality than what you pay. This is why the Akribos watches are said to have a great return on investment policy. 

Every Akribos watch is not just the same. There are many customers who are using Akribos watches for many years and loving it. They are still satisfied with the product. So the tastes and preferences vary with the individuals and it is your ultimate to choose what you want. If you want to try out something new and trendy at a cheaper rate, then the Akribos watches are a sure choice.

You will get some great features in the Akribos watches. The main feature is definitely the affordability of the watch. You will get many color combinations with trendy designs at a low rate. If you need a backup option, you can always go for the Akribos watch. This will look as attractive as your primary watch. If you are interested in performing some mechanical movements, then this watch will be perfect for you. Also if you want to show the fun side of your personality, there is nothing meticulous than the Akribos watches.


What Is A Kinetic Watch?

Best Akribos Watches

Akribos XXIV Swiss Chronograph Men’s Watch

Akribos XXIV Swiss Chronograph Men's Watch

A scratch-resistant dial surface with the sapphire coating is a specialty of this type of Akribos watch. This has a great feature of built-in stopwatch. You will get a sunburst effect dial feature with three dials.

  • A perfect stainless steel band provided with the watch
  • Many choice of colors available
  • Water resistance up to 30 feet


  • Masculine style and bulky look may not be accepted by everyone.
  • May look like a digital plastic watch

Akribos Mechanical Tourbillon AM/PM (Moon-phase Design) Watch 

 Akribos Mechanical Tourbillon AM/PM (Moonphase Design) Watch

This is the diamond-encrusted special edition of the Akribos watch which is selected by the individuals who want to add up their style. This watch has the presence of a rotating cage, where the self-winding mechanical movements come into action. This will make the Akribos watch run as long as you move.

  • Perfect gifting option
  • Appropriate choice for customers who need a watch functioning according to their mechanical movement


  • Bulky watch
  • Top quality craftsmanship is never offered

Akribos XXIV Women’s Skeleton Automatic Watch – Stainless Steel Face and Leather Dress Band Watch

Akribos XXIV Women's Skeleton Automatic Watch - Stainless Steel Face and Leather Dress Band Watch

This Akribos watch is exclusively designed for women with a rose stainless steel case making it more feminine and attractive. You will get a skeleton stainless steel dial which is durable

  • Water resistance up to 50 meter
  • Attractive


  • The watch straps are not that good quality than its body
  • There are no approximate time indicators available

Akribos XXIV Men’s ‘Grandiose’ Chronograph Multifunction Watch

Everyone deserves a timepiece that reflects their sense of elegance and refinement. With this magnificent stainless steel fashion bracelet watch, you can show off your best man in informal or formal settings. The blue dial serves as a backdrop for the luminous hands and hour markers. Also, say hello to graceful assurance and a beautiful class.

Thanks to its innovative movement and chronograph, this attractive design makes a striking statement while keeping perfect time.


●     This product shouts luxury

●     Price is affordable


●     Material is not up to the mark

Akribos XXIV Automatic Skeleton Mechanical Men’s Watch

This is a well-known brand that is noted for its quality, ingenuity, and modern technology. This brand has stayed faithful to its heritage, mastering the traditional art of timekeeping while always looking forward.

With a sparkling display and delicate accents, this man’s bracelet watch redefines charm. Also, the rose gold color of this watch makes it ideal for gifting. So, if you are a fan of classy looks, give it a try!


●     Modern design that is worth investing

●     Extremely precise when it comes to timekeeping


●     This watch is more on the fragile side. 

Akribos Multi-Function Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

This Akribos XXIV men’s watch is unique in design and has a classy and chic appearance.

This stainless steel watch has a sleek black finish and a modern, masculine style that makes it an elegant addition to any attire. 

The watch’s Swiss quartz movement provides accuracy and reliability, while the multi-function tachymeter and day and date indication make it extremely practical.


●     Completely water-resistant 

●     Date, day, and 24-hour information are displayed on subdials.


●     Material is a little bit flimsy.

Akribos XXIV Swiss Chronograph Quartz Watch

This men’s watch from Akribos XXIV will become your wrist’s new best friend. The sunray dial has a date and a clock. This clock is a terrific complement to anyone’s wardrobe, thanks to its stainless steel case and Swiss quartz movement. 

Significant, easy-to-read markings surround the sunray dial and chronograph subdials. The genuine leather strap will hug your wrist comfortably. The silver-tone dial can easily change the look of any outfit. This watch is highly durable thanks to its stainless steel strap and quartz chronograph movement.


●     Contemporary design that suits everyone

●     Extremely comfortable to wear


●     Not the best in this price range

Akribos Designer Men’s Watch

Give the ideal present. With this stunning timepiece, Akribos XXIV has done it yet again.

Akribos XXIV’s Designer men’s watch has a stainless steel case and a leather strap. The dial has thin baton hour markers and a date window at 6 o’clock to complete the watch’s clean and elegant appearance. 

The casing of this ultra-classic Akribos watch is superbly constructed, and the bezel has a step pattern. For a chick, timeless, and classy look, give it a try!


●     Very much practical and classy

●     Extremely durable in quality 


●     The quality of the strap is not the best.


So this is why are akribos watches so cheap. You will get an international two-year warranty for any type of Akribos watches. You will not get a great craftsman-ship with the Akribos watches but it will be more worth than the pay.