9 Reasons Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down? Doctors, Soldiers

why do people wear watches upside down

In our daily life, It is really awkward to see anyone who is wearing the watch upside down. Many conflicting thoughts start to bubble in our minds,” Is this person a dope? Or maybe he really doesn’t know how to wear watches.” People wear watches according to their respective choices. They have different purposes.

Some people wear it in an invert position only because they think it’s trending while some think that it is a new fashion. Is it intentional or it’s just a mistake? There can be several reasons for this. So in this topic, we will discuss why do people wear watches in the reverse direction?

Watch Protection

Whenever you wear a watch you will never want any kind of scratch or damage on the Crystal or Dial. So if we do not wear the watch inside of your wrist, we increase the chances of hitting our watch against any hard object. Having the watch backward reduces the chances of getting it damaged. Because it’s not exposed to the outside as much. Whether your watch is expensive or not, you will always want to take good care of it.

Easy to Use

If you are a working man or woman, it is really hard to flip the watch again and again to check the time. For example, if you are a painter, you will never want to turn your wrist while holding a painting brush. It can spoil your painting. By wearing in opposite direction, you can focus on your work and can keep track of time easily. You will not need to rotate your wrist.


It is very obvious that whenever you travel and want to see the time, it is not easy to track the position of watch hands. Even if your watch is digital, it not easy to read the numbers. Also, the reflection of glass is not good for our eyes. It is not only bad for yourself but also bad for nearby persons. Because the reflection of any glass can be experienced from a few hundred meters to a few kilometers depending upon the glass quality. So a lot of sportspersons and military persons wear the watch face inwards.

Convenient For Frequent track of time

For extremely busy people, it is quite time-saving. Every second in their life is important. Although time is equally important to every human being. But some people are really busy with their job or business. It is convenient for them to track the time at a single glance.

Also, Some people are very strict regarding time. Especially the old persons. They always want to eat the food, medicines at the proper time. They become impatient because of their age. So it is easy for them to check every second without turning the wrist. Some Senior citizens also have problems in rotating arms. So it’s convenient for them.

Easy in Multitasking

The reading angle is very helpful when you wear the watch in an inverted position. It helps you to continue your work without wasting your precious time. Wearing a watch on upside down makes it possible to quickly adjust the time while doing any work.

Grab Attention

You stand out of the crowd. It’s quite opposite to the trend that most people own. It helps you to grab the attention of someone. It is common in girls. Because most of the girls already wear the wristwatch in the reverse direction. But for boys, it is definitely an attention-grabbing technique. So in colleges, offices, parties, you can wear the watch in your own way. Some people will get attracted to your arm and will start talking about you.

Professional Benefits

By wearing the wristwatch in this way doctors can see their watch without turning their arm while examining the pulse rate of patients. Soldiers, especially Platoon, wore watches upside down to avoid shiny reflective glass.

One more very important professional benefit of this fashion can be seen in meetings. During meetings, you may want to know the time. No doubt, you can look at the watch by rotating your arm. But sometimes the person on the other chair can think that you are not interested in the meeting and that is why you are looking at the watch again and again. Therefore, looking at the watch can cause a loss to your business or job. See the video below why do people wear watches upside down?


The time is changing and fashion or trend changes with time. People follow celebrities, politicians. Many celebrities wear watches in upside down. Therefore they try to copy them. Because everyone wants to look trendy. So this can be the reason for a lot of people because their favorite celebrity is wearing the watch inside the wrist.

Personal Choice

If you think none of the discussed reasons is correct. Then the personal choice can be the reason for binding the watch inside. There are billions of people in the world and therefore everyone has some choice. Some people like the watch in this way and some like it in that way. If you ask someone who has worn the watch inside the wrist, most of them will not know the valid reason. They will say that they like the watch in this way.

Why Wear Apple Watch Upside Down

Here is a well-explained reason to wear an apple watch in the reverse direction. It is a YouTube video by Apple dad.


In modern time smartwatch need more interactive sessions in reading and operating. The style of putting a watch upside-down may be unique to most of us but it is the best way. We wear a watch backward for ease in the checking time without turning the wrist. It also prevents damage that
comes with hitting the watch face on hard surfaces while working or walking. If you find any other reason for binding the watch upside-down, please share that in the comments. Read how tight should a watch be?

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